My passion is building a product that users love. To make that happen, I strongly believe in agile ways of working, data-driven decisions and a MVP-approach to every problem you are trying to solve.

As developers, we tend to get involved too late in the development process. I want to be there from the beginning, from idea to production. I believe that early involvement leads to high engagement and strong motivation. Those are the core ingredients for any successful team.

I see programming as a true craftsmanship. Code is easy to write but hard to master. Beautiful code is rare. I am pragmatic, detailed but efficient in my work. I favour TDD because it allows me to create a foundation that I continuously can improve. I’m an expert with the .NET-stack but not afraid to try new tools. I love working with performance issues – it’s thrilling! I have worked extensively with frontend during my professional career and can transform ugliness to happiness. I really like the mobile first-approach and responsive web design, even though it can be challenging sometimes.

I also enjoy making our Kanban board a better place to go to every morning 🙂